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Netflix Reports Subscriber, Profit Boom Outside US

by ace
Netflix Reports Subscriber, Profit Boom Outside US

The latest Netflix earnings report reveals that since 2017, the streaming service has experienced exponential growth outside the United States and Canada. As competition grows stronger in the United States, with offers like Disney + or Apple TV, the company made it known that the Asia Pacific region was the one that made the most profits over the three-year period. years, reaching $ 382 million.

According the document registered by the company Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) results for the Asia Pacific region have grown by 153% since the end of the third quarter of 2017. Although the territory only accounts for 9% of total subscribers over the same period, number of subscriptions in the region tripled to 14.48 million.

The Europe, Middle East and Africa region takes second place on the “podium”. Since 2017, profit has grown 130% to $ 1.42 billion and about $ 47.35 million subscribers. In Latin America, streaming service profits have increased by 71% to $ 2 billion, while subscriptions have grown by 61% over the past three years to 29.4 million members.

Although it still has the largest number of subscribers, with 67.1 million members, the United States and Canada have experienced the lowest level of growth since 2017, at around 23%. The results obtained in this market could mean an even bigger bet of the streaming platform in the international markets.


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