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New forecast suggests that Apple will stop releasing iPhones every year …

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New forecast suggests that Apple will stop releasing iPhones every year ...

By 2020 Apple will launch four iPhones and all of them will have access to 5G technology. It was this J.P. Morgan's prediction that CNBC would have had access, in a document that also guarantees that from 2021 the apple company will launch its smartphone model every two years and not annually, as it happens now.

Based on the data available from JP Morgan, in the memo written by Samik Chatterjee, the forecast is undergoing a "strategic shift" that aims to "smooth seasonality around Apple's launches." 2020 Apple launches four models only in September, while in 2021 two iPhones are expected to be released in the first half of the year, with the other six months reserved for the other two.

The analyst also believes that the four models released in September 2020 will all feature 5G technology, although not all of them support mmWave technology, which promises faster speeds.

As for sizes, they are in line with a prediction of the Korean website FTNews, released in late November, which pointed to the launch of an iPhone with a 6.7-inch screen, the largest to date launched by the company, along with versions of 5.4 and 6.1 inches. But in the case of J.P. Morgan, the prediction is for a release of a 5.4 inch model, two with 6.1 and one with 6.7.

The note to which CNBC had access also predicts that the two largest models will include mmWave and triple camera, while the lower range will only support Sub-6GHz band and dual camera.

Already by the end of July, Ming-Chi Kuo had predicted that all iPhone models released in 2020 could feature 5G technology, suggesting that the higher range would support the faster 5G technology and be ideal for cities, while the highest low would only support the Sub-6GHz band. But the analyst had only spoken of three models, albeit in the same sizes now referred to by J.P. Morgan.


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