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Not only treats are made Christmas. There are also good Christmas apps

by ace
Not only treats are made Christmas. There are also good Christmas apps

This is that time of year when we gather family and friends to spend moments in harmony, but also committing those excesses with regard to the abuse of grandmother's sweets and food. There is always the excuse of the court, so there are also applications that help to overcome these hype. An app to count calories, for example.

But after this festive week, eyes are already on 2020, so there's nothing like renewing applications to help usher in the new year. In this case, there are apps for a healthier year, but also a diary. Check out all the proposals below …

This free app helps you count calories in “private”

This is how Private Calorie Counter – OmNom Notes introduces itself, promising a calorie and macronutrient information database of over one million foods and respecting your privacy.

We have plenty of “full tables” and a little control to (try to) keep our balance can come in handy. Calorie counting applications there are many and OmNom Notes is one of them.

Using this application you can record everything you eat throughout the day and count the calories. You can create custom recipes and define units for them as well as for each of the foods.

You can even create “personal plans” and record mealtimes to track your nutritional intake as well as weight progress through various tables.

Private Calorie Counter – OmNom Notes is free, without advertising, but with in-app purchases. Some of the options are only accessible in premium edition. it is available from Play Store.

The Last Day on Earth is a survival game for smartphones.

Based on the near future of 2027, this proposal challenges players to survive in a zombie-infected world.

In the year 2027 the earth will suffer a global epidemic that will infect virtually the entire human race. People who die turn into zombies, and those who survive and with immunity to the disease must use every means around them to stay alive. This is the post-apocalyptic environment of Last Day on Earth.

To survive, players need to look for essentials like water and food, very valuable resources. In addition, to produce tools and weapons it is necessary to find the respective raw materials. Virtually everything can be transformed, including road signs, baseball bats, and more.

Finding refuge is another concern of the player, preparing shelters with traps and strengthening access to the interior. Also because one of the goals is to break into the hideouts of other survivors to get rarer resources and items, while avoiding being spoiled.

You can download the free game in versions Android and iOS.

How about a Karaoke to cheer up the Christmas afternoon?

At Christmas time it is difficult to get around the traditional songs. And if you can't beat them, join them in karaoke mode.

There are several ways to liven up the Christmas afternoon, and organizing a Karaoke contest with Christmas songs is one of them. So we looked for an application that would help with this task, and it wasn't hard to find.

The Karaoke for Christmas app has a list of songs available to sing along with the lyrics, and just pick and play. Once the song is chosen, the app will link to YouTube as the songs and lyrics are in a video hosted on the Google service.

The songs are traditional English, not to mention Bing Crosby's White Christmas, Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas is you, or Wham's Last Christmas!

Success depends on one's voice and interpretive ability, and you can use it on a car trip, sharing with other passengers, or at home, projecting the video on your TV or on a second screen.

The app is available to download on Google Play and it's free.

With this app you don't need a “special” machine to have polaroids.

The app is free and lets you add effects that make it look like photos were taken with the famous polaroid camera.

Don't have a Polaroid camera but like the end result of printed photos instantly? With the InstaLab app, the instant photo editor does not need to have its own camera to achieve the same effect.

Through the app you can import a photo from your phone or take one right now and start editing to your liking. Frame limits with different shapes, larger and smaller, and various filters, including Christmas, are some of the app's offerings.

If you want to write in the photo you can do it too, in an application that lets you choose from various types of fonts and colors. If you want to make some adjustments to the photo, the application also helps you by editing brightness, contrast, saturation and rotation.

At the time of printing the photo, the app offers a print service, with a value of 0.49 euros for each photo. The application is free and available on Google Play Store and on App store.

Are you planning to gain healthy habits by 2020? Don't miss the thread with Habitify

In addition to a free base version, Habitify has a premium mode with features such as a widget for daily tasks, a space to point your most important notes and even a "dark mode".

With the end of the holiday season, many are already beginning to plan their goals for the new year. If postnatal “laziness” is causing you to neglect some of your healthier habits, Habitify It can help you not to "get out of the way," and can even be a useful ally when planning your daily tasks.

Through Habitify, the user can gain a new focus on the habits they want to gain. The application allows not only to mark a daily routine, but also to measure the progress made by graphs. If you're a fan of Apple Company devices, you can take your search for healthier habits even more “seriously” as the app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac.

In addition to a free base version, Habitify has a premium mode with even more features. Among them, the user can find a widget with daily tasks, a private mode that promises to keep data away from the eyes of the most curious, a space to point out their most important notes and even a "dark mode".

The base version of the application is available for free at both Play Store, for Android, as in App store, for iOS. The premium version can range from 5.99 euros for a one month subscription to 49.99 euros for a lifetime subscription.

Miary: A simple (and free) application for journalists in 2020

If you're adept at "writing" the momentous moments of the day and missing them, or if you want to be, put the Miary app among your chances of choice.

Miary is an application with a minimalist design that is “beautiful” and “simple” to use, according to the guarantees of its creators.

It allows you to record the events of the day by providing text editing tools, as well as the ability to insert multimedia content, add custom labels or select the mood of each day.

Miary is free and ad-free, but some of its options are only accessible through its premium subscription service, including night mode, syncing with other devices, advanced search or choosing different background colors.

Miary is available as a free download. from the Play Store.


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