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OE2020: exploration of space highlighted in the budget of science, technology and e …

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OE2020: exploration of space highlighted in the budget of science, technology and e ...

By 2023, Portugal will jointly assume the presidency of the European Space Agency Council with France. Thus, “accelerating” growth in space and earth observation systems activity is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in the State Budget for 2020. The proposals of the ministry led by Manuel Heitor were heard today, January 14, in the Assembly of the Republic, where the deputies are discussing in special the proposal of the SO2020.

At his hearing, the minister made it clear that the document under discussion "is clearly the best budget of recent years" as it reinforces the funding devoted to science, technology and higher education, representing a continuity of the policies of the previous legislature, advances Lusa.

To enhance the “Atlantic positioning of Portugal in the World”, the ministry proposes to make commitments that include the initiatives of the International Atlantic Research Center and the implementation of the Portugal Espaço 2030 strategy, providing for the collaboration of higher education institutions in the development and promotion of the Portuguese space agency. The launch of the Azores Intenational Satellite Launch Program – AzoresISLP is also included in the ministry's proposal for the OE2020.

Highlighted between the proposals It is also reinforcing the commitment to science and knowledge. At issue is an increase in the initial allocation of the Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT) by 10%, as well as a “broadening of the stimulus to scientific employment” in conjunction with “R&D institutions, companies and public administration, in enhanced collaboration. European

According to Manuel Heitor, “the evolution of the future of research and science” has already been achieved, but the minister admitted that there is still a way to go. "We want to do more and we have the ambition to give more to our young people" with the aim of "reaching 2030 in a fully integrated Europe," he said.

The OE2020 draft law was generally approved on January 10, following to the specialty phase. The audition for ministers ends on January 27. The voting in the specialty, in the budget and finance committee, will take place from 3 to 5 February, with the final decision scheduled for the 6th of that month.


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