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OnePlus announces next generation of screens of its smartphones and there is news …

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OnePlus announces next generation of screens of its smartphones and there is news ...

The year has just begun, but OnePlus has already unveiled yet another new feature this week, this time about the next generation of smartphone screens. After the company launched in 2019 the OnePlus 7T Pro with a 90 Hz display and updated the model, it promises new displays for 2020, now at 120 Hz, which aim to be brighter, responsive and accurate.

The announcement was made by CEO of Chinese manufacturer Pete Lau, in a post this Monday, where the OnePlus representative unveils some features of the brand's next generation display. It is already this year that users will be able to see for themselves the new display, which, as with the OnePlus 7T Pro display, the 2K + 90Hz Fluid Display, was supported by Samsung Display.

"We are designing the most advanced 120Hz display panel in the industry," says OnePlus CEO

According to Pete Lau, the AMOLED display uses the "latest generation of light-emitting organic materials" with a maximum brightness of 1,000 nits and a "longer average life expectancy". In addition, the company also ensures a greatly enhanced responsive touch experience. OnePlus research and development team has also developed a solution that allows you to increase the rendering of a single frame by 7%.

“Unprecedented” video playback

After numerous system optimizations, many of the apps can now take advantage of this update. However, the CEO ensures that in the case of videos there is an additional hurdle, with a lot of content being produced at 24fps or 30fps, with a small portion recorded at 60fps.

To address this issue, the Chinese manufacturer is including MEMC technology on the screen to deliver "smoother video playback" results. The technology, available on televisions, uses real-time algorithm adjustments to add additional frames to a video file. Thus, content recorded at 24fps or 30fps may play at 60fps or even 120fps.

OnePlus CEO also speaks on a screen capable of supporting up to 1 billion color shadows, which can be very appealing to designers, photographers and content creators. Peter Laus speaks even at 64 times higher capacity than leading smartphones, giving users "more complete and natural" color gradients.

Also new is the integration of an automatic calibration device, in a screen that fits the commitment of the brand “Fast and Smooth”. Without giving concrete dates, the CEO ensures that the company “can't wait for users to try it”.

The announcement comes after last week the Chinese manufacturer took the prototype smartphone with "invisible camera" and "color-shifting glass technology" until CES 2020. The camera is invisible due to the color shift from electrochromic glass from color to opaque, allowing OnePlus to hide the lens of the smartphone without using any physical mechanism.


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