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Opinion: The Airpod Generation

by ace
Opinion: The Airpod Generation

By Fabio Olyntho (*)

In 1980 our daily life was very different, for example, traveling. To do so would have to carry a paper phone book, a wallet with a good amount of coins, a heavy street guide, the camera with rolls of film and notebooks. Having a suitcase would be little and all information was obtained in slow mode and very fragmented. But here we are, practically in 2020.

I was recently in San Francisco at Dreamforce19, Salesforce's big innovation event. It is almost a new awakening to be surrounded by so many people with digital life practices. These new beings are the Airpod generation and all have in their ears the Apple bluetooth headphones. They have a frictionless life.

Not having friction, is living in a single environment whether on or offline, both in your personal and professional life. An environment where there is no latency, where everything flows without interruption. This cycle will be complete with the adoption of 5G.

For Airpod generation, communication goes off and online with the same fluidity. After all they, not their phones, are connected to the internet. Shop at Amazon Go stores without having to go through a cashier, travel wherever they want with access to multiple mobility features, from scooter to plane, solve their problems through web communities and chatbots, receive through artificial intelligence, already present in their appliances, various suggestions and alerts and already control by far all the features of your home. The internet connected, and the mobile phone gave access to the APIs allowing a huge amount of functionality to be "only" human before.

In the business world this was still a distant scenario until 1999, when two visionaries, Marc Benioff and Parker Harris, founded Salesforce, a pioneer in the B2B cloud platform. In 20 years the evolution is noticeable, and today, at its largest worldwide CRM platform conference presented solutions for a totally frictionless context.

The Salesforce platform can bring a unique view of the customer through Customer 360. Through the cloud integration, Mulesoft is able to connect most of the industry systems like SAP, Servicenow, Workday and many others without requiring any line of code. In addition, the company can create its APIs and distribute them through a website.

Take the case of BMW that connected its service area. He extended to all his dealers and service networks for their vehicles and their customers' tokens. When calling for service assistance, the responsible person already knows in real time, which vehicle, its characteristics, the state and if it has any malfunction, which service centers are closer to that customer's home and work, and can offer a totally customized service. .

With everything connected imagine how much information is available to the companies serving the Airpod generation. Big data without analysis would do no good. To solve came Einstein, the artificial intelligence that takes care of every area of ​​Business Intelligence, analyzing the data and bringing predictive analysis, helping through probabilistic analysis to detect future problems in all clouds. The platform has also evolved into billing issues and can be connected to various payment methods.

Airpod generation wants to shop on and offline just as smoothly and today it can do it with systems like Salesforce's Commerce Cloud. It connects experiences in store, on site or via catalog. It's multichannel and, most importantly, personalized with the likes and views of social networks, the most visited products on your site, and your latest purchases.

Many companies already live this reality, adapted to Airpod generation. After all we do not live without a mobile phone, without being connected and without having fluid experiences. The greatest value today is the consumer experience.

It should not be long before this impact is massive on companies: Many of those that do not adapt will cease to exist. It is the inevitable. Imagine then with 5G, but it's a conversation for another day.

(*) Business Manager at KCS iT


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