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Opinion: The Workforce of the Future

by ace
Opinion: The Workforce of the Future

By Juan Carlos Moro (*)

The future is just around the corner and human resource automation is here to stay. With you brought a certainty: people are and will always be irreplaceable. Workplace digitization is unavoidable. Repetitive tasks will in the near future be performed by machines and even robots.

This is a strategy that companies are already betting on to streamline and adapt workplaces for the future, leading them to keep up with technological developments, and also to position human resources as a driver of business success.

I give a concrete example, process automation will make the company faster and more productive. By automating certain tasks that are currently manual, the company can gain valuable time to apply to other processes where human intervention is indispensable. With the implementation and development of this measure, the result is almost immediate: the company achieves higher productivity in a shorter period of time.

On the other hand, automation can also be applied to the information and data area. If the entire human resources team has easy access to information because it is concentrated in one place and properly classified, the work process is obviously much faster and more effective.

This also makes it possible to detect any situations that delay the work process more quickly, creating a more efficient flow. Human strength will always be crucial, as state-of-the-art technologies do not have the so-called “emotional intelligence”, which is essential for assessing these potential delays and even less able to address them.

With the evolution of technology, automation allows not only to obtain more information, but also to identify patterns in the obtained data. But it will always be people who evaluate this information and find the best way to manage it for greater productivity.

Automation will allow some processes to be standardized, but it will be people who, through their analytical skills and “emotional intelligence,” will add value to the company's product or service. With the same information, two autonomous technological systems will produce exactly the same result; But if we give the same information to two different people, the results will be completely different.

The work environment of the future will undoubtedly have a lot of integrated technology, but in order to optimize tasks and streamline processes. I strongly believe that human beings and 'machines' are the workforce of the future.

(*) Managing Director of DB Schenker Iberia


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