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Portugal and Spain together in a sustainable bet on waste equipment …

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Portugal and Spain together in a sustainable bet on waste equipment ...

"The purpose of this scholarship is to create an online platform that will be available free of charge to various entities that may be interested in this type of materials and pieces," said Maria do Céu Silva, adding that the sale or donation hypothesis is still being studied. recovered parts.

The "power" of consumers

There are several Portuguese and Spanish partners, namely the Greater Porto Inter-municipal Waste Management Service (Lipor) and the European Recycling Platform (Portuguese and Spanish), and they should see the "new boxes" and, consequently, the "new hostels". of recovered materials to be implemented in the first quarter of 2020.

Until then, and according to the director of Lipor, the bet of the Iberian entities is to strengthen communication with consumers and make them aware of this problem that has repercussions, not only on the environmental level but also on the economy of families.

For Fernando Leite, since the equipment life cycles have a reflection on the "own expense of families", the "power" is in the hands of the consumer and "only he will be able to change the mindset of the producer."

“Once the consumer starts demanding longer-lasting equipment, where the consumer instead of rejecting an equipment will lead him to repair and thereby extend its useful life, it is evident that the producer will have less chances of having equipment that disposes more easily ", he concludes.

The project, which is coordinated by Deputación de Pontevedra and has a funding of 2.14 million euros, is also partnered by the company Revertia Reusing and Recycling, the Energy Efficiency Technology Center (ENERGY LAB) and the European Recycling Platform (Portuguese and Spanish).

The problem of waste management is not recent. Already in 2017 the UN warned that only 20% of electronic waste is recycled. And, more recently, Portugal tightened with the supervision in this area of ​​management and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), with fines reaching five million euros. But the problem is not recent.


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