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Portugal enters European project that promotes greater integration of sources of …

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Portugal enters European project that promotes greater integration of sources of ...

Develop technologies to improve the performance of renewable energy forecasting systems by at least 15%. This is the purpose of Smart4res, a project funded by the European Commission and which has 12 institutions from six European countries, the national ones being the Institute of Systems and Computer Engineering, Technology and Science (INESC TEC) and the Center for New Energy Technologies (EDP CNET).

In its press release, INESC TEC explains that the technologies that will be developed involve various types of models, including weather forecasting, automatic learning for renewable base power prediction through the combination of different information sources, such as satellites, and predictive models and data-based decision-making artificial intelligence tools for storage optimization, power management and market share.

These technologies will be tested in seven European countries, with Portugal being one of the elected, along with Greece, Romania, France, Germany and the Netherlands. In another phase, the technologies are intended to be commercially exploited by the project's industrial partners, with business in the sale of forecasting services, such as the German company EMSYS, the French Météo-France, the Norwegian company DNV GL and the Dutch company. Whiffle

In the statement, INESC TEC's Deputy Coordinator of the Energy Systems Center explains that the project will "produce a set of innovations in the area of ​​energy integration from renewable sources", with the main objective of developing new algorithms and business models. for forecasting of renewable base production and integration into various decision-making processes, notably as regards grid management, electricity market participation or storage system optimization.

"As an R&D institution we will, above all, contribute to the development of power forecasting technologies and decision support", concludes Ricardo Bessa.

By fulfilling this objective, the € 4 million funded project aims to contribute to increased integration of renewable energy production. In terms of impact on society the goal is to reduce CO2 emissions, the impact on power grid performance and electricity market prices.

Coordinated by the French R&D institute ARMINES, Smart4RES includes two Portuguese partners, two French institutions, two German and Greek institutions and two Dutch institutions. This project received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation program.


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