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Portuguese legislation for drones has not yet left the paper. It's been 18 …

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Portuguese legislation for drones has not yet left the paper. It's been 18 ...

In 2018, dozens of cases of drones were recorded that affected operations and endangered planes at airports. It has been a year since the approval of the draft law that regulates the use of drones, respective rules of operation and authorization in national airspace. But this legislation, for ANAC (National Civil Aviation Authority), was a complement to another law of January 2017 that prohibited the flight of drones over 120 meters in height, and in the areas surrounding the airports.

And in July 2018, a decree-law came into force that made the registration of these devices over 250 grams mandatory by their owners, as well as the contracting of a civil liability insurance for devices over 900 grams, so to prevent possible damages that are proven to third parties in the event of accidents. Remember that drone owners over 250 grams are required to register the devices. The goal is to "discipline the use of remotely piloted aircraft". For drones weighing more than 900 grams, they are obliged to take out civil liability insurance.

Despite the laws being approved on paper, in practice they have not yet been applied by ANAC, as advances the TSF. In limbo there seems to have been a decree on mandatory civil liability insurance, which at the time the Government had 60 days to publish, and allegedly is not yet closed. In addition, the system for detecting and inhibiting drones that approach airports has not yet been proposed by ANA to ANAC as envisaged by the decree-law, the publication advances.

According to João Gomes Mota, the president of APANT (Portuguese Association of Unmanned Aircraft), the situation is worrying, especially for users who use the devices responsibly. ANAC concludes for July the start of the new drone registration platform, since the previous one was put on "stand-by" due to the illegalities of the responsible for the software. On July 1, European Union regulations for the registration of drones come into force.

The insurance situation is also not yet defined. The president of APANT advised his associates to take out insurance as a matter of responsibility, because until now it is not mandatory by law. This is because in the decree-law it is mentioned that the mandatory insurance only comes into force when it is fixed by the ordinance, which has not yet happened. ANAC ends the responsibility again for the Government, and for approval in finance and civil aviation.


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