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Quadrantids promise to "show" again in the sky, but not in all …

by ace
Quadrantids promise to "show" again in the sky, but not in all ...

The new decade begins with a well-known meteorite shower in the northern hemisphere. The Quadrantids will mark the night sky until January 12th, peaking at dawn between January 3rd and 4th. Although the phenomenon promises a striking "star shower" with a maximum activity of 120 meteors per hour, national astronomy enthusiasts will not be able to observe it this year, as in Portugal it will occur by day, advances the Lisbon Astronomical Observatory.

Although not as "famous" as the Perseids or Gemmids, the Quadrantids are considered by the astronomer community to be one of the best meteor showers in the northern hemisphere. This “shower of stars” is less well known as it is a shorter phenomenon, with a peak activity of only four hours, often unnoticed.

Credits: Meteor Showers

According to NASA, the Quadrantids, unlike most meteorite showers, do not originate from comets. The “shower of stars” is made up of fragments of asteroid 2003 EH1, which takes about 5.52 years (66 months, 5 days, 18 hours and 32 minutes) to complete its orbit around the sun. puzzling the scientific community: on the one hand, there is a possibility of being a “dead comet”; on the other hand, this may be a new kind of "space object".

The American Meteor Society indicates that in 2021 meteorite rain will peak around 2:51 pm on 3 January, which means that the phenomenon is no longer observable in Portugal. However, you can watch the "shower of stars" without leaving your couch through Meteor Showers. The website simulates in a three-dimensional perspective the meteorite currents orbiting the solar system, with images based on NASA surveillance cameras.


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