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Showcase TeK: "Quiet I want to hear music". 5 headphones that you will enjoy …

by ace
Showcase TeK: "Quiet I want to hear music". 5 headphones that you will enjoy ...

Those who like to listen to music and play do not need good headphones, but the choice is not always simple. The offer is very vast and there are too many variables on the table – technology, format, price, aesthetic component, compatibility, among other arguments.

In this article we left the earbuds out and only selected a few headphone models according to the user's profile.

What should we be aware of before buying a headset? Before entering the store think about where and when you will use the headphones. In the street? At home? In the office? During practice? By setting this context you will be able to choose the model that best fits your needs from the dozens of options available in the store.

There are a few points to consider:

Headphones or earphones?
There is no right answer to this question. Earlier, people who bought headsets knew they were giving up sound quality for size. But nowadays there are models that can guarantee incredible sound quality, and the level offered by the headphones. In this case weighs the size and portability. The question to ask is: where am I going to use them?

Wired or wireless?
Wireless technology offers unquestionable freedom. In the classroom or training, the absence of wires is always welcome. However, there is one drawback: autonomy. If you are looking for headphones to wear all day long, for work or play, the wires are still your best friend. If you are going to use them for training, the wires are unnecessary. In addition, with wireless technology you will always have to worry about charging the equipment.

Noise isolation
Noise canceling technology allows for greater immersion. Whether listening to music or playing, outside noises do not interfere or condition the sound quality. For gamers and true music lovers, this feature is critical, but it also depends on the surrounding environment. If it's noisy, this is a feature to consider.

How long will you use the headphones? This is a very important question to define the degree of comfort. Make sure the pillows and the frame itself fit your head. In this case it is not only comfort that is concerned, but the sound experience itself.

There are brands that need no introduction and are already synonymous with guaranteed quality in the world of audio accessories. With this quality also comes a higher price. However, the rule is not: the more expensive the better. There are cheaper models with good value for money. Before you buy, look for reviews, benchmarking, and third-party opinion on the Internet. This way you will make a more informed choice.


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