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Spotify will shut up political ads in preparation for elections …

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Spotify will shut up political ads in preparation for elections ...

In preparation for the US presidential election, Spotify will momentarily shut up political announcements over the next year. The music and podcast streaming platform has announced that the interim measure, targeted at the US market, applies to the base version of the service provided, as well as exclusive podcasts. advances to Reuters.

"At this time, we do not have the processes, systems and tools sufficiently robust to responsibly validate and review such content," a Spotify spokeswoman says in a press release. "We will reassess the decision as we continue to evolve our capabilities," she added.

The move by Spotify comes after social networks such as Twitter and Facebook “tighten up” political announcements in preparation for the 2020 presidential election. In August, Mark Zuckerberg's company announced the arrival of changes to the political ads and social issues in the United States. Who makes political ads on their social networks will have to prove their legitimacy through credentials issued by the US government. In addition, entities will have to make their contact information.

At the same time that it announced the arrival of a new News Tab, Facebook faced public scrutiny for allowing politicians to act as misinformation on its platform. In response, Twitter decided to distance itself from all the controversy surrounding political advertising on social networks and banned all political ads in November.

The social network later announced that the political leaders on its platform are not above the rules. Any account, including those of world leaders, that promotes terrorism or makes violent threats against individuals will face coercive measures such as suspending and eliminating tweet.


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