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Study reveals that "night mode" on smartphones can make sleep patterns …

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Study reveals that "night mode" on smartphones can make sleep patterns ...

It is common to hear that blue light emitted by electronic device screens can not only be harmful to users' eyesight, but also to their sleep patterns. Several tech companies have included a “night mode” in their devices or have developed applications that give warmer tones in the light of smartphones or tablets, similar to the “Night Shift” option for iOS.

A recently published study in scientific journal Current Biology reveals that, after all, the "night mode" may not be as beneficial as one thinks. Experimenting on exposing mice to different light shades, the team of scientists at the University of Manchester found that yellow light can make sleeping patterns more uneven.

The idea that yellow light can help you sleep better relates to how melanopsin has an impact on sleep regulation. By detecting lights with shorter wavelengths, the photosensitive protein present in the eyes elicits a greater circadian response, thus leading to the creation of belief.

According to the scientists' conclusions, the color of light is not as important as its intensity. However, even when light levels are low, blue light appears to be more relaxing than yellow. The study shows that warm tones associated with daytime brightness had a greater impact on the circadian rhythms of rats.

Given other studies in the area, the team believes that the results also apply to humans. Although the "night mode" with yellow light has become widely popular in recent years, the study's findings may lead to the emergence of applications that explore this new possibility.


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