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TCL will have 5G smartphone priced below 500 euros

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TCL will have 5G smartphone priced below 500 euros

Last year TCL revealed to SAPO TEK that it could come up with a new line of TCL-branded "own name" smartphones to complement the Alcatel and BlackBerry brand offerings it owns. In the IFA 2019 launched the first model, the TCL Plex, with a price around 400 euros but with a more premium appearance. Now the company has decided to move to the North American and Canadian markets, where it already has a good position in consumer electronics, especially in TV.

At CES 2020, TCL unveiled three new models, the TCL 10 L, 10 Pro and 10 5G, which will start shipping in the United States but will also reach Europe, and which the company is expected to detail in February at the Mobile World Congress ( MWC) in Barcelona. TCL has already scheduled a conference for the 22nd, even before the fair starts, and it seems that this will be the opportunity to showcase the new models.

The main highlight goes to the TCL 10 5G, a smartphone that already supports the new generation of mobile networks that is advancing in the North American market and in several European countries. Beyond the specs, it is the price below 500 euros that is getting the most attention, because so far the 5G devices are all being placed in higher price ranges.

The TCL 5G has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 7-series SoC processor, an AMOLED display and a premium design with a four-camera system at the rear, with a 64 MP ultrawide and macro sensor.

The TCL 10 Pro model, which is also expected to be priced below 500 euros, has similar features but should have a fingerprint sensor under the screen rather than the sensor on the back of the smartphone. The TCL 10L will be a lower range smartphone within this new product line. All rely on NXTVISION technology, with color optimization and contrast, which was already integrated in TCL Plex

SAPO TEK had the opportunity to see these new smartphones at CES 2020, although they are not on display, but still in non-final models.

Note also the focus on the variety of colors, which are not yet final, and the difference in the design of the front camera that is "hole" (punch hole) in model 10 5G and 10L and reduced notch in 10 Pro.


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