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Technology and science "holding hands" in a new space in Ílhavo for all …

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Technology and science "holding hands" in a new space in Ílhavo for all ...

Ílhavo will win this week a new space where science and technology come together, without forgetting the cultural aspect of this city of Aveiro. O Shipyard – Ílhavo Scientific Station It will be inaugurated by Ílhavo City Hall itself and promises practical activities for the community and the general public.

Aimed at young students, the new "shipyard" is intended to be the scene of many practical activities in the areas of science, robotics and programming and will occupy the space of the former Municipal Youth Forum of Ílhavo. The decision comes after finding that the forum had a reduced frequency.

To PUBLIC newspaper, Councilman Tiago Lourenço explains that the objective was to "reuse space", now with an area of ​​"about 400 square meters". In this way, it was intended to give new life to space, reserving a place where science and technology are hand in hand, without losing contact with culture, heritage and local identity.

It will be like a kind of living science center, similar to those that already exist in various parts of the country, but with their own particularities. "There is a situation that differentiates us and has to do with the involvement of various entities in this new equipment," explained the councilman.

In addition to the municipality itself, the county's school clusters, the municipal companies and the University of Aveiro will actively participate in the dynamization of the space. Teka, Vista Alegre, Prio and Motofil are some examples of companies that will help in this regard.

Intending to be a "complement" to what is presented in the classrooms of schools, the Shipyard also wants to be a meeting point for families and the community in general, betting on various practical activities and experiences.

House of the Machines, House of the Helm, Messe and Bridge are the four spaces with different dynamics and that have also sought the name to the maritime culture of the municipality

“In the House of Machines, we will have a maker space, where the kids can take the hammers in a saw or dedicate themselves to modeling,” explained Tiago Lourenço. The programming and robotics will be present at Casa do Leme, where the "local traditions of cod, Vale de Ílhavo bread and Vista Alegre porcelain" will not be forgotten.

According to information released by the mayor, Messe replicates “the concept of on-board gastronomy”, with space for experiments on “molecular cuisine”. Finally, in Ponte, located at the top of the building and “with a privileged view over the parish of São Salvador”, there will be space for astronomical observation.

The inaugural week of the Shipyard takes place between 13 and 19 January, and several activities are planned to make this space known. From a teacher training on bioplastics to the show Where Science Is Magic! There are several things visitors can count on.


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