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TeK Review: Huawei Mate 30 Pro is the best smartphone you can buy even without …

by ace
TeK Review: Huawei Mate 30 Pro is the best smartphone you can buy even without ...

Gestures are also already the “new thing” in the EMUI 10 interface, eliminating the software buttons on the base of the smartphone, as well as using finger knuckles to capture the screen image or record, but there are a few more learning to navigate the pages by opening and closing your hand about 8 to 10 inches from the screen, but it's best not to use it in public. It becomes too weird…

credits: SAPO TEK

Also for authentication the buttons are dispensed. You can use the on-screen fingerprint, now closer to the base, or face recognition. Both systems are faster and more functional, and face recognition – which has a new method of capturing the various angles of your face, more similar to iOS – is perhaps the best and fastest we've ever tested on an Android smartphone. Even in low light environments.

A Pro-Proof Camera

Huawei remains unwavering in its partnership with Leica, and that has brought “Pro” proof quality to the smartphone smartphone photography arena. The sensors and lenses are of the highest quality, but also the combination of the various cameras makes the difference to the final quality of the images, combined with the intelligent context recognition and photo capture software, and the final editing of the camera. "work of art".

Composed in a circle at the rear of the Mate 30 Pro, the camera system combines a 40MP SuperSensing, a 40MP Cine, an 8MP telephoto camera and a 3D sensor camera, but in addition to the MPs also important to the end result is the optical image stabilization with OIS and AIS (artificial intelligence) and 3D depth detection for bokeh effects.

We've taken a few photos and videos in recent days, but we're far from able to explore the best of cameras that stand out in video as DXOmark has already proven in their tests, with great quality time-lapse and 4K videos even in low light. These are some of the features that contributed to the good rating of the smartphone that was among the best Android in this area.

Almost exhausted battery

Battery life is increasingly an essential issue for most users, but on the Mate 30 Pro it's almost no longer a concern. The 4,400 mAh battery lasts longer than a day, even when tested with above-average multimedia usage, and has remained “cool” even in intensive gaming, unlike the competition . This is similar to the Mate 20 Pro, which we have been using for over a year now and that keeps up with impeccable performance.

When the battery is low, fast charging saves the situation and can replace over 80% of the battery in about 30 minutes. Huawei warrants the Huawei SuperCharge to allow “super fast” wireless charging but we have not tested this system.

Count on wireless reverse charging, which lets you charge other phones or accessories like watches, and has been updated to be faster now.

How can we use Huawei Mate 30 Pro without Google Mobile Services?

And now the elephant in the middle of the room. As we had already mentioned, Huawei Mate 30 Pro does not have Google Mobile Services. This means that you won't find the usual Google app folder, with Maps, YouTube, Chrome, Drive Photos and Play Music, but also the Google Play app store. But not only that. There are several apps that rely on Google Play services to work, and it didn't take much to find them.

And Huawei's App Galery is notoriously lacking in some of the top apps we've come to rely on, such as Facebook, Messenger, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp. Using Phone Clone will easily “import” them, and then just reset the authentication to get full functionality.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro credits: SAPO TEK

The same is not true of other apps that we usually use. Uber, for example, and Waze, but also games like Mario Run, are some of the apps that apparently migrate with Phone Clone but don't open, and don't work. The same goes for the application of TAP, for example.

And these were missed in the last few weeks we used Mate 30 Pro. Even more than Google's own apps, because through the browser you can access Gmail and even use waypoint navigation and identification in Maps, as we did. to prepare the trip to CES in Las Vegas. YouTube can also be accessed in the browser with the same bookmarks. Of course, the Drive connection for document backups is not available either, and the interconnection between all location, email and navigation information is not available either. This means that Google will no longer warn you that it is time to go to the airport for your next flight from the ticket you received in your Gmail account.

There are a number of ways around application installation and even access to Google services, but this will always be tricky for less techie users, even with the special help that Huawei is preparing for those who buy the smartphone.

But there is good news. A number of alternatives to Google apps and other “big” apps like YouTube are now available, and Huawei has done a good job of “nurturing” or “enticing” developers to develop for its platform. In Portugal there are already over 100 of the top apps that are available on the Huawei App Gallery, including SAPO apps like SAPO Sport, and in the coming months this number should increase, especially if the conditions offered are more favorable than at Google. Play There is the added attraction of addressing China's gigantic market, which is usually harder to reach.

Huawei Mate 30 Pro credits: SAPO TEK

These are the opportunities that this change brings, opening the way for an alternative on mobile operating system platforms that currently boils down to a domain split between Android and iOS after the two have “dried up” competition from Windows Phone and FireOS between other options attempts that have emerged in the last decade and died.

But does this make us recommend buying a Mate 30 Pro to anyone? Not at all. Even if this becomes Huawei's “new normal”, and Huawei Mobile Services continues to evolve, there is still a long way to go to be as intuitive, simple and integrated as Android with Google Mobile Services, or iOS. If you're a geek, and especially if you like to pay off your gadgets, and discover new ways and alternatives, then this is a smartphone you can bet on. After all, we have just recently discovered some user communities that are keen to keep Ubuntu on their phones, and believe me it is a lot harder!


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