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TEK Showcase: 5 Must-See Console Accessories

by ace
TEK Showcase: 5 Must-See Console Accessories

Is buying accessories unnecessary and a fashion? Yes and no. When it comes to accessories, we are not just referring to the covers that protect the controls from falling and make them more attractive. All of these devices allow you to make the most of the advanced features and technologies that games currently offer, and help you increase your performance.

Click on the images to see the indispensable accessories for your console.

Why change command?

The most advanced commands may look the same as those originally shipped with consoles, but they are not. Among other things, the controls gamers prefer allow customization of buttons, weight, sensitivity level, vibration intensity or even illumination. They are, as a rule, more ergonomic, offer more buttons, offer a more optimized and comfortable layout of controls and allow the creation of various usage profiles. These differences offer numerous advantages in more competitive games and can be decisive for victory.

It's to hear you better…

Of course you can enjoy the fantastic sound effects and so famous soundtracks of games through the television speakers, for example. Just as you can hear the character's dialogues, the goals on the stands, the braking on the race track. But the headphones create unmatched surrounds. The player is transported to the center of the action, hears the enemy approaching, his character's fast breathing, crucial details for victory, life or death. On top of that, the games bring gamers from different parts of the world together, and communication between them is crucial to a team game, or just a few laughs.

Comfort above all

Any place is good to play with friends or even alone, but after a few hours the discomfort is inevitable. Physical problems related to poor posture and long computer periods, whether gambling or working, are already one of the major health problems worldwide. The so-called gamer chairs are more ergonomic and comfortable. They provide lumbar, neck and arm support and lead to a more correct posture.

Fashion Extras

There are other accessories that do not necessarily contribute to the best performance of the gamer, but that help the player create an environment to his image. Examples are covers, vinyl films, brackets for console and controls, among other examples. Then there are tech accessories, those that let you explore the latest technologies and trends of the moment, such as virtual reality glasses, and take advantage of the new features offered by games.

Regardless of the choice, it is always important to ensure that the accessory is compatible with the console, and to take full advantage of the competitive advantages these devices offer – whether on the battlefield, in the ring, within the four lines, on the track or in an alternate world.


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