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TEK Tip: How to see smartphone photos on TV

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TEK Tip: How to see smartphone photos on TV

Through cables

The simplest way to connect your phone or tablet to your TV is via an HDMI cable. In this case, you just have to be aware of the input your phone uses – USB, mini UBS, micro UBS. Depending on the technology, there are several adapters available.

If you have an iPhone, you must use a Lightning Digital AV adapter. Always check compatibility before purchasing a cable.

You can also connect via USB if your TV has this connection. However, this option is slightly different and much less intuitive – you are connecting a storage device to your TV and not mirroring your phone screen.

Wireless device connection

The option for an adapter is if you have an old TV, the best option is to use the help of an adapter. Chromecast and Apple TV are two of the most popular examples. These devices connect and stream content from various devices to the TV – from phones to computers. Although they require a little more investment from the user, they offer higher quality, more flexible and comprehensive results.

Chromecast is the best choice for those who have home appliances of different brands and operating systems. It supports Android and iOS, plugs into the television's HDMI port and is compatible with various streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify and other applications. Apple TV works very similarly, but only supports devices of the same brand. Although these are the most popular options, there are several alternatives. This is the case of PLAiR 2 (Android and iOS), and ScreenBeam Mini2 (Android).

Most used applications

Mirroring technologies such as Apple's Miracast and AirPlay allow you to quickly share your phone screen on your TV and do not require cables. If you have a smartTV you will surely find an application that allows you to connect to other content streaming equipment – whether it's specific to an operating system or multiplatform. But not all devices integrate these technologies.

In this case, you can use the help of solutions available at the application stores. The likelihood that there are phones with different makes, models and systems in a family is quite high, and as such we have chosen to take examples that work across platforms.

  1. ApowerMirror
  2. Allcast
  3. LocalCast
  4. Screen stream mirroring
  5. Screen Mirroring


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