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Telecommunications and health satellite protection win GovTech 2019 awards

by ace
Telecommunications and health satellite protection win GovTech 2019 awards

The winners of the second edition of GovTech are already known, the government-launched competition for ideas that aims to select prototype projects that fit the 17 UN sustainable development goals. Of the six finalists, InovHealth, Impact2Space and Clynx were the winners, earning € 30,000 to develop their business and to plan their internationalization.

The projects defended their ideas with a group of potential “investors” who signed up for BrightPixel's blockchain platform and managed a virtual currency portfolio, GovTech. In the final pitch, on December 18, the six candidates demonstrated their prototypes in person to the jury members.

With a total of 371,945 GovTech coins invested, Impact2Space, focused on telecommunications, was the most able to capture the public's attention. The project aims to create a product for the protection of satellites, spaceships and space equipment. According to its leading team, the project is partnered by MIT, Fibrenamics, the Pedro Nunes Institute and the International Institute of Nanotechnology.

In second place on the podium is Clynx, with 194,123 virtual coins invested. The project aims to “make the physiotherapy experience more enjoyable for patients” through exercise in a video game environment that can be used both at home and in clinics. In third place, with 179,621 investments, was InovHealth, also in the health area. The project has developed a device that could improve the quality of life of colostomized patients.

The 2019 edition of the GovTech Challenge was launched in March, following a first edition of INFORMAT, with forest clearing robots; The Healthy Living project, with an alternative, aims to combat the excessive consumption of salt; and BIO2SKIN, a nanotechnology-based adhesive biomaterial for medical applications.


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