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Tesla ended 2019 “on the rise” and posted a sales record of 112,000 …

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Tesla ended 2019 “on the rise” and posted a sales record of 112,000 ...

Tesla said it finished 2019 “on the rise”, reaching a record number of deliveries in the last three months of the year, reaching 112,000 cars. In all, the US manufacturer was able to sell 367,500 vehicles, increasing by 50% the volume of deliveries made in 2018.

According to your latest account report, over the last three months of 2019, Tesla delivered 92,500 Model 3, as well as 19,450 Model S and X. The figures represent growth over the previous quarter, where 97,000 cars were delivered. The previous year's balance sheet is in contrast to the outlook presented by the company in March 2019.

At the time, Tesla made its shareholders apprehensive in revealing a loss forecast for the first quarter of 2019. Its CEO revealed that the setback was caused by challenges such as the transportation of cars from China to Europe, as well as “unchanged changes”. repeatable ”. The US manufacturer's plan of attack then involved revealing a low-cost version of Model 3, as well as closing some of the brand's physical stores, moving them exclusively to online.

By 2020, Elon Musk's company indicates that it wants to continue to expand its production in both the United States and its newly opened Shanghai Gigafactory. In July 2018, Tesla announced the closing of an agreement with the local Chinese authorities to build a mega factory to produce 500,000 electric vehicles a year for Chinese consumers within two to five months. three years.

In the face of the intense trade war between the United States and China, with the imposition of high tariffs on Chinese products and Chinese tax retaliation against US car imports, Tesla's bet on the Chinese market could bring some benefits. . By producing in China, in addition to enjoying the low value of local labor, Tesla will be able to avoid the import duties imposed by Donald Trump.


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