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The 31 Space Images That Marked the End of 2019

by ace
The 31 Space Images That Marked the End of 2019

As far as space landscapes are concerned, 2019 is over as it began. NASA once again managed to gather 31 impressive records and condensed them into the last cosmic gallery of the year.

In December, the highlights went north. The space agency focused on the winter scenarios and showed us a well-known asterism, coupled with a beautiful snowy ground plane. This is what happened on December 26, when Petr Horálek captured an image of the Winter Hexagon – and other celestial bodies – just above a house in the village of Oravska Lesna in Slovakia.

A similar record was highlighted on Christmas Eve. By Tomas Slovinsky, the panorama shows a cluster of stars over Zuberec, also in Slovakia. The image has the appearance of some of the most media stars in astronomy, such as Sirius, Pollux, Polar and Capella. A happy coincidence allowed Slovinsky to catch the trail of a meteor at the left end of the image.

See the latest set of 2019 space landscapes in the gallery below and enjoy the gift that NASA's initiative has decided to offer to all fans. Unwrap it on here.

December 2, 2019

Mercury Crosses to Quiet Sun
Video Credit: NASA, SDO, NASA's Science Visualization Studio; Music: Gustav Sting (Kevin MacLeod) via YouTube

December 9, 2019

Looking Sideways from the Parker Solar Probe
Video Credit: NASA, JHUAPL, Naval Research Lab, Parker Solar Probe

December 23, 2019

Places for OSIRIS-REx to Touch Asteroid Bennu
Video Credit: NASA, GSFC, U. Arizona, SVS, OSIRIS-REx


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