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The Witcher: Studio Agrees to Book Author for Future Games

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The Witcher: Studio Agrees to Book Author for Future Games

When in 2007 Polish producer CD Projekt RED acquired The Witcher license from fellow countryman Andrzej Sapkowski for the production of a video game, it translated into a fixed amount. The reason was that the author did not believe that a video game could succeed, and preferred a total value over a percentage on possible sales. It was a good deal for the studio that in the following years launched a trilogy of very successful games, even leading the writer to "eat the hat."

What is certain is that the plaintiff would come in 2018, in the aftermath of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's huge success, to ask the studio for $ 16 million in royalties, under threat of suing him. CD Projekt defended itself by referring to the full payment of what the plaintiff asked for, with the latter admitting the “stupidity” he initially did, but appealing to Polish law that would give him compensation based on exceeding his initial expectations.

Only the third game has sold 33 million copies worldwide, making known this fantastic fantasy universe, full of monsters and magic. The success led Netflix to order a new series, starring "Superman" Henry Cavill, although the story is based on the books and with the author's direct support. In the gallery you can see a comparison of the characters in the video game The Witcher 3 with their counterparts in the Netflix series.

The studio and the author talked again about the playful future of the saga and reached an agreement to reinforce the relationship. Although not made public, this new understanding ensures the satisfaction of both parties for both the past, present and future exploration of The Witcher universe. The agreement guarantees not only the intellectual property of videogames, but also the rights to graphic novels, board games and merchandise linked to the universe starring Geralt de Rivia.


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