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“The year in search”: Google reveals the most searched terms in Portugal and …

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“The year in search”: Google reveals the most searched terms in Portugal and ...

The year is ending and it's time for balance sheets and Google continues to release information about key trends in its services. Last week it unveiled the most popular YouTube videos and today is the time to review your search tool, the popular Google Search.

According to the company, “Year in Search” is an annual look at the top trends in search on the platform. Trends help to identify what most caught people's attention during the year. To this end, searches that had the highest traffic peak during 2019 compared to the previous year were counted. In its accounting, multiple sources are used, as well as its public tool, Google Trends, among others. Spam is filtered from searches to better reflect these trends.

With regard to national research, Ângelo Rodrigues, the life-threatening media actor, was the most sought after, not only with regard to names of public figures, as a general subject. As far as international name searches are concerned, Cameron Boyce tops the list, the young actor who died in July.

By the way, in all categories the most searched names are of figures that, or died, highlighting examples such as Eduardo Beauté, Roberto Leal, Freitas Amaral, Jose Mário Branco (who died a month ago and is already on the list) and Luke Perry ; or endangered life, such as Iker Casillas and Ângelo Rodrigues.

In the gallery you can find some of the national and international names, as well as general subjects most searched by the Portuguese.

On issues, the Flamengo, the Prado Museum, the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Copa America stood out in national trends. Filtering out the shows or series, motivated by its last season, Game of Thrones tops the list, followed by the Oscars, Chernobyl mini-series, Love on Top and the Song Festival, which this year had the "controversial" Conan Osiris also in the list of the most searched.

And the most asked questions to "Mr. Google"? The Portuguese seek help on where to vote, how Tinder works, and even how to make caramel on the podium of the issues. But there are other "curiosities" Google asks, such as filing the IRS, making money, rusting, and even deleting the Instagram account.

Already worldwide, the most searched subject of 2019 was India vs. South Africa, given the cricket world championship, Notre Dame (probably about the fire). iPhone 11, Joker, Game of Thrones and Avengers endgame are also on this list.


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