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US astronaut makes history back on board ISS

by ace
US astronaut makes history back on board ISS

A graduate in electrical engineering science, the North American astronaut is experiencing her first experience aboard the International Space Station (ISS) on the Expedition 59, 60 and 61 crew.

This Saturday, December 28, broke the "colleague" 288 day record Peggy whitson, like the woman spending more time in a row in space.

If all goes well, when you finish your mission in February 2020, you will complete a total of 328 days "beyond the clouds", or approximately 11 months.

Missions at the International Space Station are around six months, but NASA decided in April this year to "extend" the astronaut's stay until February 2020.

"Having the opportunity to be here for so long is truly an honor," Christina Koch told CNN in an interview. “Peggy (Whitson) is one of my heroines and she has been my mentor over the years,” he added, expressing his intention to “return the favor” and also to mentor young astronauts when he returns to Earth. .

Already thinking about the future of space exploration, the astronaut recalled that her extended stay at ISS has given her a new perspective on how “the human body is affected by long-term microgravity”, which she considers to be of great importance. for the next missions to the moon and Mars.

Alongside this record, Christina Koch also made history for being part of the first all-female spacewalk last October.

Until the end of her mission, the NASA astronaut is in the habit of sharing a few images from Earth with those on Earth.


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