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US presses UK to block Huawei access to 5G infrastructure …

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US presses UK to block Huawei access to 5G infrastructure ...

Donald Trump's government has been pushing for some time for his allies to join him in blocking Huawei. In the latest installment of the US trade war against the technology giant, a group of US government officials visited the United Kingdom to try to demolish Boris Johnson from granting the Chinese manufacturer access to the 5G infrastructure of British telecommunications companies. .

The entourage of officers led by Matt Pottinger, US Deputy Homeland Security Advisor, said using Huawei's technology could be a serious threat to the country. To convince the Boris Johnson government to change their minds, the representatives presented a dossier with new information about the consequences of their future decision, advances the Financial Times.

The British government may authorize Huawei to participate in the “non-contentious” parts of the country's 5G infrastructure by providing antennas. The company's access will then be blocked from equipment that is at the heart of fifth generation mobile networks. The precautionary measure aims to prevent the manufacturer from using its technology to spy the country, as it is in the "core" where all data processing occurs.

The United Kingdom believes that a total ban on Huawei would mean that the territory would face difficulties in the development of the 5G network, indicating that it has the necessary technological means to protect the country from possible spying situations. Earlier before the visit by delegation Andrew Parker, MI5's managing director, indicated to the Financial Times that he believes the relationship between the British and US intelligence services would not be affected if Huawei becomes part of the 5G infrastructure in the United States. UK.

The decision could maintain the status quo of 5G in the United Kingdom, as no UK telecom operator intends to use Huawei's technology at the heart of its fifth generation mobile networks. However, this could jeopardize the relationship between the governments of Boris Johnson and Donald Trump.


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