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US Secretary of State's visit to Portugal brings new pressures on …

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US Secretary of State's visit to Portugal brings new pressures on ...

Speaking in Lisbon, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the United States has spent “the last two years” working to ensure that its allies know the risks of working with companies like Huawei.

"The US mission has been to share what we know, what we understand, and how the US thinks about the decision we will have to make in light of where US information travels," Pompeo said when asked about the involvement of the Chinese giant. of technology in Portugal, reports Reuters.

Although Mike Pompeo does not directly mention the company name, and only speaks of “untrustworthy networks,” the long conflict that the US administration has with Huawei, as well as ZTE, leaves no room for doubt about which company is referring to. It is recalled that in May the Trump administration decided to blacklist Huawei from companies with which the United States cannot do business, having postponed the entry into force of the blockade, which has now been sent to February 2020. .

During a joint interview with Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva, Mike Pompeo also added that the US respects the right of all countries to make their own decisions.

Several Chinese companies maintain significant investments in key sectors in Portugal, and Huawei is an infrastructure provider to the three telecom operators in Portugal, having advanced in conjunction with companies testing for 5G.

However, Augusto Santos Silva assured that the technology of Chinese companies will not be excluded in the 5G auction, noting that regulations will be followed in all processes, writes the Associated Press.

The minister stated that in any foreign investment made in Portugal, the Government assures that "the economy is subordinated to political power, democratic political order and national security interests" and that this will be ensured in the transition to 5G which is crucial importance in digitizing the economy.

"We currently have three major telecommunications operators in Portugal. All of them have complied with Portuguese and European national security legislation, and so we hope it will continue to be," said Augusto Santos Silva during his speech.

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