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Volkswagen robot looks for vehicle in garage to load it. Fiction…

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Volkswagen robot looks for vehicle in garage to load it. Fiction...

Public parking spaces already have specific, usually free, places to recharge the battery of electric cars. But the problem is finding a place available at a time when the market is growing with each passing year. It is therefore necessary to look for alternative solutions for the public loading of cars, and that is what Volkswagen thought.

Its solution is a robot, which pulls a giant 25 kWh walking battery and communicates with the car: it can open the power connector hatch and charge it without any driver intervention, unless the driver requests it. service through an app on the smartphone. It seems very futuristic, but the German manufacturer's proposal seems very close to being realized.

The robot has cameras, laser scanners and ultrasonic sensors that act as your senses to orient yourself in movement and get around obstacles. At the end of a car's operation, it goes to the next one and when it is out of power it collects to its dockstation to collect another battery or fits to self-charge.

According to announcement, the manufacturer hopes to use the robot in car parks, whether underground or outdoor. Depending on the size of the park, more than one robot can be used in the works. For now it is still in the prototype phase, not knowing when the robots will start working. But Volkswagen guarantees the effectiveness of the small ones without the need for complex structures to house the robots.

Watch in the video below a simulation of the small robot to operate.


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