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What do we know about the Xbox Series X? And what are the first games?

by ace
What do we know about the Xbox Series X? And what are the first games?

Anyone who follows the video game industry through different generations of consoles knows how Nintendo completely failed to succeed Wii, one of the best-selling consoles ever. The manufacturer was in the industry's favor for winning audiences in different age groups with the Wiimote motion-sensing controls, and as a successor, introduced the console that had a tablet. The console was a sales flop, prompting Nintendo to give up prematurely. The problem was the name: Wii U, a marketing disaster because people were confused as to whether it was really a successor, or simply a peripheral to Wii.

And Microsoft is preparing to make the same mistake in choosing the name, in the opinion of many industry experts. Baptizing Xbox One X's successor as Xbox Series X will confuse the less attentive, who will have a hard time distinguishing consoles by name and not understanding that Series X is not the same as One X. Even if aesthetically distinct, they are already that the future model is literally an attractive vertical cobblestone, as we saw during the Game Awards.

The “black box” follows the minimalist trend of Apple's school, with a networked top with a green LED inside, as well as giving it a smart, big speaker look. The Xbox logo is placed on the top left corner, and on its front is only a disc slot and its eject button. This is the official console image, which hides any kind of connectivity entries for now. Although displayed vertically, the console can also be used horizontally.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer warrants that this tower will be the most powerful console on the market, even knowing in advance the specs of its rival PlayStation 5, also planned for Christmas 2020. Inside, the console will have a processor based on on AMD's Zen 2 chip and the Radeon RDNA architecture.

Similar to the PS5, the Xbox Series X also bets on the introduction of NVMe SSD to replace current hard drives, which will speed up data readings and speed up game loading. And this will be essential for a console that wants to support gaming with 8K resolution and up to 120 FPS images, as well as light effects based on ray tracing technology. In practice, Microsoft promises twice the performance of the Xbox One X GPU (and four times the Xbox One), accounts made will be around 12 teraflops of graphics performance.

Along with the console, Microsoft also showed the new command that will accompany it. Microsoft explained that the console's iconic driver will be aesthetically maintained, but its size and shape have been refined so that everyone can use it more comfortably. The key change is the introduction of a share button, similar to what Sony has done in the current DualShock 4, which allows players to upload images and videos of what they are playing to their social networks. Finally, the famous d-pad now takes the circular shape present in the Xbox One Elite controller.

Let the games begin…

One of Microsoft's mistakes in the past, which it promises to correct in the next generation, concerns the weak catalog of exclusive games produced by the internal studios. The exclusive new ones that the manufacturer introduced on the market after launching the “most powerful console of the day”, Xbox One X, were counted by one hand. Phil Spencer himself acknowledged that the company has not been doing a good job. in this sense.


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