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YouTube changes moderation policies to violent content

by ace
YouTube changes moderation policies to violent content

YouTube will change the way it manages violent video game videos. Starting this Monday, December 2, the platform will address the "simulated or scripted violence" of games, as it addresses violence in series and movies.

In practice, this removes the age restrictions of some videos and opens them to a larger part of the community. Note to the caveat left by the company, which promises to continue to restrict content focused on the violent element of the video.

"We know that there are differences between real-life violence and simulated or written violence – such as we see in series and games – so we want to make sure that we apply our policies consistently to all violent graphic content," reads on the brand website.

It should be remembered that YouTube recently said it was looking for advertisers willing to engage their brands with "bolder" videos, so creators should benefit from the arrival of new companies on the platform. The decision should benefit gaming-focused creators who make videos with more violent games, which can now make them reach an even wider audience and monetize them more efficiently.


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