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YouTube promises to empower creators in dispute resolution of …

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YouTube promises to empower creators in dispute resolution of ...

YouTube has announced the arrival of new tools on the platform that promise to make resolving copyright disputes easier. Through an update, YouTube Studio now has three new features that allow youtubers to not only keep track of potential infringements, but also remove content owned by copyright holders from their videos.

Creators will now be able to address copyright issues directly in YouTube Studio, a company post goes forward on your official blog. Through “Assisted Trim” youtubers will be able to know which moments of your video are breaking the guidelines so they can be removed more easily.

In addition, the update also brings new functionality that allows creators to keep up to date on the status of their copyright disputes. Users can not only check which videos have material claimed by third parties, but also see if their videos have been unmounted or even blocked.

YouTube's New Copyright Conflict Resolution Tool

YouTube has announced that by 2020, even more changes will come that will help creators deal with such disputes, which are particularly frequent on the platform. It is recalled that in July this year, YouTube required copyright owners to provide timestamps for all manual claims, so that content producers know exactly what part of the video is being claimed.

As early as August, YouTube banned copyright owners from using the manual claiming tool to monetize content producer videos through very short or unintended audio, such as second-tier music plan at concerts or on the radio.


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